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We are excited to announce our brand new customer specific purchasing portal that will provide you with new features that are not offered by this website.

For further details and an invite to setting up your own portal account, please email us at


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What type of account?

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We’ve worked really hard to tailor our business to suit a wide range of customers, as a result, we 炸金花put together three types of account to ensure you see your discounted price when logged in and you receive news that’s relevant to your business.


We know that one size doesn’t fit all so if you’re still not sure where you fit contact our team to discuss your requirements!


Garden centre? Nursery? Market trader? As long as you’re holding stock of our product to sell from this is the place for you!

Trade customers come in all shapes and sizes, this applies to garden designers, landscapers, architects, restaurants, hotels etc. If you’re just buying for a specific project choose our trade account.

Want to list our products on your website? Our dropship service makes it easy to offer our products without having to hold stock. Just send us your order and we'll make sure it gets to your customer!

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