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We've summarised some of our most frequent questions below.

If this doesn't answer your question, don't hesitate in contacting us.

Can you deliver directly to my customer?

Yes! Just tell us what you’d like and give us your customers details and we will arrange everything for you.

Can I really just order one pot?

Yes! We’re not trying to trick you, there really is no minimum order!

Are your pots frost resistant?

The vast majority of our pots are frost resistant. We’ve spent a lot of time sourcing the best materials from the best factories around the world. We are very confident in the quality and durability of all our planters as well as their resistance to frost.

Can you deliver abroad?

Currently we can only ship with in the EU. After 1st Janurary 2021, this may be more difficult and would be costed on an indiviual order basis. Please contact us for more info.

I only sell medium sized pots, do I need to buy sets?

No. We know it can be frustrating for customers to 炸金花to buy slow selling items just to get their bestsellers. At The Pot 炸金花下载 you can pick and choose what you want and leave what you don’t.

Do I 炸金花to stock your whole range?

Absolutely not! We understand that every business is different and our wholesale customers are free to stock whatever products they feel suitable.

How quickly will I get my order?

We hold a vast amount of stock in our warehouse that we can dispatch on a next day basis if required. Certain items may be subject to a lead time, however if you 炸金花a deadline we'll do our best to ensure you 炸金花what you need when you need it.

How can I quickly tell what price point a range is?

To help our customers further understand our ranges we 炸金花categorised all our products into three price points. Look out for the rating against each range! 

How accurate are the clay/handmade planter sizes?

The dimensions given are approximates only and the images should only be used for reference, colour and size may differ.  The margin between the dimensions of individual handmade pots could be as much as 20%.

Still 炸金花a question? Contact us below!

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